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Or building documentation right into the WP admin

New post on the CNP Blog today covering a little-known (or perhaps little-used) feature of the WordPress Admin: custom contextual help tabs…

If you are familiar with the WordPress admin, you probably noticed the “Help” tab at the top right of nearly every screen. Clicking this little gem reveals a series of helpful topics related to the current page. For example, on the Dashboard, the tab offers an overview of what’s currently displayed, how to navigate the admin in general and what the different boxes on the screen do. This information is invaluable to a new user of WordPress and stays politely out of the way for the more experienced.

In the article, I outline a basic implementation for these help tabs and tackle some of the caveats one might encounter when setting these up. In the future, I might wrap these features up into a simple plugin allowing clients or site developers to provide this functionality to the end users. Stay Tuned!

CNP - Add A Custom WordPress Admin Contextual Help Menu To Your Plugin Or Theme

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